Star Hospital project

We are developing a unique special health care entity in the centre of the most populated area of Finland. The “Star Hospital” consists of a network of 9 hospitals in Tampere, Hämeenlinna and Seinäjoki regions. Our mission is to deliver University hospital, regional hospital and public sector health care innovations based on co-operation offering a solution to national health care challenges. Development project is currently in the planning phase placing people first, both health care professionals and patients.

Quality and professionalism with a human touch.

Contact details

Petrus Kukkonen

Petrus Kukkonen
+358 (0)50 461 7820

Johanna Rellman

Johanna Rellman
+358 (0)40 841 2282

Päivi Leikola

Päivi Leikkola
+358 (0)50 474 3125